Still Hungry? Still Foolish?

They say ‘People who love to eat are always the best people’.  We say
‘People who love to eat are the forever hungry ones’. And these forever hungry ones imagine visiting a restaurant and ordering a variety of food so many times but always end up ordering half of it to suit the pocket. We understand this type of hunger the best.

WARNING: All you hungry peeps, these below situations may sound familiar to you:

1. Hanging out with Friends?
That moment when… Your friends order the most delicious main course from the menu whereas you starve yourself with some side dishes.

2. On a Date?
That moment when.. Your girlfriend wants you to order that yummy dessert to end the dinner on a sweet note and you have to say.. “Sorry, I don’t like sweet” & the girl goes like…

3. Family Dine Out?
That moment when.. You take your family out to a fine dining place and with every dish that comes in, all your plans of saving up for that new watch for yourself go for a toss.

4. Birthday Celebration?
That moment when.. You are barely enjoying your own birthday party and are engrossed keeping a track of who orders what.

5. That Day of the Month?
That moment when.. It’s the last day of the month & you have to postpone your dinner plans till your salary gets credited.

Have you been in at least one of these situations? Then it’s time you stop being hungry and foolish. The smartest way to kill your hunger while saving those extra bucks is here Quikwallet’.

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To know more about our how to use our app, visit here.

Now that you know the #Quik way to pay, don’t stay hungry, don’t stay foolish! Pay your restaurant bill with Quikwallet and get going.

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