8 things coffee addicts do!

For many, Coffee is a way of life. Their day does not begin unless they have sipped coffee. While a lot of others think they are addicts, their love for coffee is unconditional and endless.

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If you are a coffee lover or know anyone who is, there are some things only you can understand. Here are 8 things only coffee addicts do:

  1. It starts with Coffee: They can’t imagine starting their day without a cup of steaming hot coffee.

  1. Filter coffee: They look for south Indian restaurants in the city just to gorge on the amazing filter coffee.
  1. No Sugar, Only Love: Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love. They can never understand people who add too much sugar to their coffee.
  1. Coffee Collectors: You will always find a stock of variants of coffee in the market in their house. Because hey, given enough coffee they could rulethe world.
  2. Love for Coffee mugs: It’s not very difficult to find out what to gift them. They have a huge collection of coffee mugs, and yet if you gift them another one; they love it.
  3. Favourite Coffee Places: Evenings are dedicated to coffee in their favourite cafes. They are famous in all the cafes and baristas around their homes and office, and the best part is; the people there already know their order.
  4. Coffee aroma: The smile on their face when they walk into a café and the smell of coffee strikes their nose. The aroma is bliss for them.
  5. Haters gonna hate: They can’t tolerate the taste of the coffee from the instant coffee machine. Because it takes out the essence of a freshly brewed cup of coffee!

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All you Coffee Lovers, Quikwallet wishes you a Happy International coffee day!


5 Ganesh Mandals you must visit this festive season!

With the ongoing festive season on the arrival of Lord Ganesha, the city of Mumbai is glittering with lights and enthusiasm. The Ganesh Mandals bring in an atmosphere of celebration and pomp. If you are excited to see devotees praising the lord, here are 5 Ganesh Mandals you must visit with our surprise element:


  1. Lalbaugcha Raja: This is the most famous and most visited Mandals in Mumbai. The queue is really long and it takes 1 or two days to get a Darshan, but it is truly worth the wait and is mesmerizing. Lord Ganesha has a shining human like body structure with an elephant head, resting on the lavish throne with enticing sets behind.

While you wait in queue for so long and hunger strikes you, after your Darshan you can satisfy your hunger lavishly at Social offline, Lower Parel.

  1. Andhericha Raja: This is a Ganesh Mandal which is known for its unique representation of different themes every year. This is a wish fulfilling deity and hence the large number of devotees coming here. The Visarjan happens on the 5th day i.e. Sankarshti day.

After sharing your wishes with Andhericha raja, it’s time for a feast! Feast at Destiny restaurant, Tunga paradise and enjoy the exotic ambience and multi cuisine experience.

  1. Shayadri Krida mandal, Tilak Nagar: This Mandal is best at making historic monuments, old and new temple and city structures as the set up. It is a must visit for there is variety in the set.

After you have enjoyed the beauty of the set, you can treat yourself at Le café, Chembur. Enjoy its warm bristo like ambience and extensive European specialties.

  1. Vishwacha Raja, Vile Parle: The Ganesh idol looks like Lord Shiva. Every year, this Ganpati takes the form of Lord Shiva. It is located in Sadananda road, Vile Parle east.

Once you have visited this beautiful Mandal, you can enjoy a quick bite and vibrant interiors. Relish the European flavors at Salt water café, Bandra.

  1. Swastik Ganesh Mandal, Chandivali, Powai: This is a beautiful Mandal where the Ganesha is red. Every year they have children performing the lezim dance on the 7th day of Ganpati. It is the best mandal in Powai.

To treat yourself after seeing the red Ganesha, Mia Cucina in Powai is the perfect place. Italian bistro offering fine quality food and excellent service.

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! Quik celebrations await you.

5 Signs you are addicted to your Phone!

In this ‘World of Smartphones’ and the habit of staying connected with various apps, logout is the hardest button to click. Amidst this frenzy, the phone means the world to some. Here are 5 things a Mobile Addict does:

  1. Text while talking: Their fingers can’t stop texting, and they’re superb at multi-tasking. They can talk to you; hear all that you have to say and text at the same time.
  2. Instant Posts on Instagram: Every moment small or big is instantly shared on Instagram. They will happily have their cameras on to click and post with countless hash tags.
  3. Check-in: Wherever they go, they will excitedly post their location on Facebook, Swarm and more. After all, letting the social circle know about their whereabouts from time to time is important.
  4. Play games: The only thing they look forward to in their free time is picking that phone up and playing games. When they are bored; not your conversations but temple run, subway surfer or candy crush will be their saving grace.
  5. Tweeting away: If they ever manage to strike a face to face conversation with you, they tweet every little thing creating a virtual conversation.

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5 Teachers we all have in life !

‘The best teachers teach from the heart and not from the book’

Teachers bring out the best in learners and have a strong influence on our lives. We love them, we respect them, we idolize them and we are incomplete without them. Teachers may not necessarily be the ones we meet in school only. There are a lot of teachers we meet in the journey of life, who are indispensable to us.

If you agree with this, you will definitely relate to the 5 teachers we are talking about:

1. Parents: Our parents teach us to take our first steps, to write our first letters, and mould us into good human beings. Parents are our first teachers and stay with us forever guiding us to the right path.

2. Teachers: From the first teacher in pre – school to the 10th grade teachers and the ones in college, they all have a special place in our heart. What they’ve taught us through the years of school and college is irreplaceable. They have taught us beyond books and left us with the essential life skills.

3. Friends: There’s a reason why they say ‘Choose your friends wisely’. They teach us so much in so many ways and remain oblivious of the impact they have. Those friends are real teachers who chide us when we are taking a wrong step and who give us unfiltered feedback about our actions and decisions.

4. Mentors: We all have that one person, who guides us personally and is our mentor. They teach us to look in the right direction and empower us to decide what to see. They are precious and are life changers. Mentors know us inside out and motivate us to do better.

5. Bosses: Our bosses unknowingly teach us a lot. They motivate us to push our limits and always get the better of us. Their feedbacks help us to come up with better versions of our ideas and creations. They teach us that the best is never enough, there’s always more to do.

Teachers have a lasting impression in our lives and our personalities. If you love them and are looking for a perfect way to express your gratitude to them, here is the chance!

This Teacher’s day,

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