4 reasons why you should use QuikWallet!

Paying bills with a mobile app is the convenient and suave way to pay. Just as your phone rescues you from boredom, helps you to talk and chat, it will surely excel in this new role of being your wallet.

It’s time you discover and know that paying with a digital wallet is a lot safer, beneficial and Quik with QuikWallet.

Cover Photo 7th Oct

Are you among those who have apprehensions to pay using QuikWallet? We are here to free you of those hesitations!

Find below 4 awesome reasons why you should use QuikWallet:

  1. Flaunt the techie in you: Impress your girlfriend, friends and parents by paying with QuikWallet at restaurants & retail outlets. It takes you one notch up and makes you look like a total techie, when you get your mobile out to pay rather than the usual leather wallet.
  2. Deals on Meals: With QuikWallet’s cool offers and deals on meals, treat your dear ones without feeling the pinch in your pocket. You get 25% off on Food and Drink bills with QuikWallet credits. Hurrah, celebrate and give treats!
  3. Pay Everywhere: Fine Dine Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Nightclubs, Grocery Stores, Apparel, Spa, Wellness and more – You can pay everywhere with QuikWallet. You can also pay your mobile, DTH and data card bills using QuikWallet & get 100% cashback as credits. These credits can be redeemed for restaurant bill payments. You have the option to pay less, choose it.
  4. No Wallet, No Worries: Leave your bulky wallet at home & get rid of the worry of it being stolen. Pay using QuikWallet while you have all your cards saved here and nobody but you, can access them. Your security is our priority.

QuikWallet is the cool, trendy and quik way to pay your bills. Free yourself from the hassle of bill payments and sit back to make payments in your royal throne. Our offers are irresistible and our security is fool proof. Visit http://bit.ly/Quikwallet  and download QuikWallet now to make a difference & be Quik!


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