6 moments when you crave a food delivery

Most of us prefer to eat in our cozy little nest, our home, than going out and eating in a restaurant. There are those days when all you want to do is just laze around & keep calling for delicious food. Here are 6 moments we are sure everyone can relate to when ‘Home Delivery’ is the only word that hits your mind.

  1. Groupies be so cool: The epic moment when you study with your friends and one of them starts, ‘Guys, let’s eat! Let’s order’. Studies are left aside and the agenda of the meet becomes ‘What to order’ & Where to order from.

  2. Home alone: Everyone has definitely experienced this one or the other time when mommy goes out of station and you are ‘Home Alone’. With your cooking skills at zilch and ordering skills at 100, a home delivery looks like the best option in hand.

  3. Bachelors’ mess: With the crazy work schedules and living alone, a bachelor’s house is topsy- turvy. There are days when there is no time to buy the grocery to cook. Okay, let’s admit it! Even if there is, who would want to cook when Food delivery is just a call away.

  4. We like to party: Yes, you read it right. We just said Party. A house party is the perfect occasion to call for a home delivery. Screaming for orders, changing orders and wishing that the order reaches soon; we all love these moments.

  5. Variety = Spice: When you are absolutely bored of eating healthy home food and there’s a desire for delicious food, home deliveries are the hero of the moment! Well, variety is the spice of life after all!

  6. Lazy and you know it? : There are those days when you just don’t want to step into the kitchen. You’re so tired and lazy; you want food to walk up to you. At this time, a home delivery is your best friend. Put your feet up, food is coming.

If you have been in either of these moments and are a regular caller of home deliveries, QuikWallet is the best way to pay for you! Call for a home delivery as often as you wish from our partner restaurants and pay with our app to get upto 25% off with credit redemption.

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