7 weird things that Foodies do

‘Good Food is Good Mood’

True, isn’t it? The Love for Food takes one places, so much so that they are always up for going anywhere to explore new dishes. Food is their delight, dream and desire.


If you are a Foodie or have a friend who is food crazy, here are 7 weird things you can undoubtedly relate to:

  1. Weird noises: Yes, every foodie comes across this moment when they can’t stop themselves from making funny noises while relishing the food. The noises are just a sign of the pleasure they are having on eating every morsel. Embarrassing or not, who cares!

  2. Lick it all: You might have seen a lot of foodies, but there are some super eccentric ones. These will clear the plate to the last piece and lick it all. You will be left wondering whether they don’t want to waste a single morsel or they are simply addicted to licking their plate.

  1. Odd hours: They can eat anytime of the day. They can even wake up in the middle of the night and hunt for food. Foodies certainly are the ones to disagree with the 4 meals a day ideology. There’s a lot more a human can eat in a day after all.

  2. Ask thy neighbors: You can see the best of Foodies when they eat in a restaurant! If someone near your table orders something delicious, you are only left wondering what they ordered. But not in the case of foodies! They not only peep into the neighbor’s table, but also take everyone by surprise by walking up to that table and asking the name of the dish ordered. How else can they eat the exotic dish they just saw?

  3. Aroma pleasure: They’ve waited long for their food to come like everyone else on the table. While others start eating immediately, Foodies love to smell the food & get immersed in the pleasure of the aroma. Everyone else on the table may finish half their food, while they are still appreciating the presentation & aroma of it.

  4. Aim and throw: Well, this one’s really bizarre! If you are with a foodie and ever happen to order some fries or corn; you’ll find them aiming & throwing it at you and your other friends. Fun, isn’t it?

  5. Butter love: The sight of the blob of butter on Pav bhaji, excites every Foodie so much, that they can eat it in one go without mixing it in the rest of the dish. That’s not all. They happily grab the butter from all their dear ones’ plates too. Now that’s some true love for butter.

Foodies adore food and will do just about anything to enjoy great meals. If you are a foodie, we have something great for you!

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