Quik Diwali DIY Décor Ideas

Diwali isn’t so much about splurging and crackers, as much as it is about the beautiful lighting and strong family bonding. It is the perfect occasion for the family members to come together as a team and create pretty home decors. Sounds exciting?

Here we have Quik Diwali décor ideas for you:

1. Toran it up: Instead of spending money on the usual plastic torans or the ones made of leaves and flowers, this Diwali make your own toran. Wondering how? It’s simple. Buy plenty crape, craft or butter paper in different colors of your choice, give them different shapes. Tie them onto a string in a pattern that you want the toran to be.


2. Candles your way: Don’t miss this chance to make festive candles your way. You can make candles with dough, egg shells, seashells or even orange peels. Give them a round shape and paint them with fabric paint or stick sequins around them. You can then add melted wax and a wick to create your candle.


3. Shimmer your entrance: Let your entrance shimmer with fairy lights. Buy one or two of those fancy bird cages and wrap the fairy lights around them. Hang them at your entrance and have a glamorous entrance for Diwali.


4. Tweak the Rangoli: Rangoli with colors is too main stream. Do it differently, for it’s a new year, its Diwali. You can now make a portable Rangoli with cardboards and use this design over and over again.


5. Cool jar lanterns: Diwali without lanterns would be incomplete. Why buy lanterns? Make your own cool lanterns. Use glass jars, gold dimensional puffy paint to give the lantern effect and fit a cute candle inside. Your innovative glass jar candle is ready to flaunt!


Wondering how to procure the material for these décor ideas? Don’t you worry!

Go for a Quik shopping at QuikWallet partnered retail outlets and get them all.

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May these quik ideas brighten up your Diwali! Happy Diwali, folks!


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