A Man’s guide to the season of beards and stache.

Hello Folks! For those bulking up the facial hair this No-shave November, there are some important decisions to be made. Whether you are flaunting a ferocious beard or a funky stache, you can get totally creative with it.

Here are the Quik 10 beard and stache styles you must try:

  1. Short boxed beard: The short boxed style looks perfect and attractive. It is astrong style that neatly outlines the jaw, sculpting the chin and neck with precision and professionalism. Try a preppy hairstyle with this beard, to make it more attractive and admirable.

Beard Guide

  1. Shadow beard: This is also called as a subtle beard. For this look, keep your neck clean and the facial hair short and subtle. To get a perfect impact, you must keep it trimmed. The 5′ O clock shadow is among the trendiest men’s facial hairstyles, for 2015.

Beard Guide

  1. Bat beard: All you batman lovers out there, this one’s just for you. Enjoy your No-shave November by sporting a bat beard. Flaunt the batman in you!

Beard Guide

  1. Handlebar moustache: Go bold and try the handlebar moustache. Make this November fun and quirky.

Beard Guide

  1. Charlie Chaplin French moustache: Go vintage and look smart in the Charlie Chaplin French Moustache. Smile and let the focus be on your moustache!

Beard Guide

  1. Full Beard: The full beard style is definitely the most popular one. All it needs is a little maintenance. Make sure to trim the edges around the upper lip, cheek and neck. Accept the challenge and sport the full beard look, as not all men do this.

Beard Guide

  1. Spiral beard: Mesmerize the World with your spiral beard, make their head spin. Let the World look at you and sing ‘You Spin my head right round, right round’!

Beard Guide

  1. Question mark beard: You have a lot of questions in life? This one’s for you! Emulate your questions in a beard, with the Question mark shaped beard. With this quirky look, all the answers will walk up to you for sure!

Beard Guide

  1. Jim Corce moustache: Go gutsy this November and try the Jim Corce moustache style.

Beard Guide

  1. Yanni Moustache style: ‘Yanni’ brought this moustache style into being. Grow your hair shoulder length and sport the Yanni moustache style, be a Legend.


Beard Guide


With these 10 styles, we hope you are totally inspired to style your ferocious beard and moustache to the best. Go courageous with your Mobeard, and experiment the unexplored.

Quikwallet proudly supports ‘No-shave November’ and the cause behind it. We have decided to encourage everyone to embrace their hair, through our #Thatbeardguy contest. Let it grow ferocious and save the money spent on shaving, for cancer prevention awareness.

Don’t forget to click your Mobeardfies and tag @QuikWallet to win our #Thatbeardguy contest.

#Thatbeardguy Contest details:

  • Download the Quikwallet app and enter QWBEARD in the Earn section.
  • Post your Beardfie with the hash tag #Thatbeardguy.
  • All entries to be sent from 27th November, Friday – 30th November, Monday.
  • Winners will be decided by Team Quikwallet and announced on Monday.

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