10 weird Christmas facts

Christmas, the season of gifts and celebration makes everyone happy. We rejoice, we gift our dear ones and spread the cheer. Have we wondered, do we know it all about Christmas?

Pondering already? No worries! Here are 10 quik and bizarre Christmas facts for you:

  1. Santa has a real postal address and letters posted do reach him in Canada. The zip code is H0H0 of course. So, what are you waiting for? Post your letter soon, it’s Christmas!
  2. Telling scary ghost stories is an old Christmas Eve tradition that has died out in the past century. Celebrate Christmas in the true spirit, tell scary stories.
  3. There is a village in Peru where people settle their previous year’s grudges by fist fighting and then start the New Year on a clean slate. Wondering if you want to fist fight to put off fires with someone?
  4. Early illustrations of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) make him out to be a stern symbol of discipline rather than the jolly, overweight elf that children know today.
  5. There are some zoos that accept Christmas trees as food for their animals. Do you wish to donate your Christmas tree or decorate it?
  6. During Christmas in Newfoundland people called Mummers dress up in crude disguises and go from house to house dancing and playing music while the hosts try to identify them. If your doorbell rings, you know it’s time to identify them!
  7. A large part of Sweden’s population watches Donald Duck cartoons every Christmas Eve since 1960. Wow! That sounds so much fun! You could do it too.
  8. Nearly all of the most popular Christmas songs including ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Chestnuts roasting…’, and ‘I’m Dreaming of a white Christmas’ were written by Jewish people.
  9. During the Christmas of 1914 (World War 1), a truce was held between Germany and the UK. They decorated their shelters, exchanged gifts across no man’s land and played a game of football between themselves. Are you game, for a game of Football?
  10. Between the 16th and 19th centuries was what is known as a “little ice age” where global temperatures were several degrees lower than normal. It is for this reason that many Christmas carols and songs stress a “White Christmas”. Imagine a ‘White Christmas’ in Mumbai!

We hope these quik Christmas facts have got you smiling and festive!

QuikWallet wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Xmas 1


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