7 moments we all have experienced in Holi.

Holi is usually a pleasant experience for most of us filled with colours, joy and laughter. It is that time of the year when we get to let go of all our inhibitions. Not care about any of our materialistic possessions and wave goodbye to the social norms of maintaining our physical attributes.
Now for most of us, this seems like a little slice of heaven, but what about those who weren’t beaten with the lucky stick and have the worst experiences during Holi?
Here’s presenting to you the worst situations you could end up with during Holi:

1. When you trust your sibling to have your back but they end up getting back at you for that one time they asked you to get water and you said no.

2. That moment when you’re laughing at some poor sucker who had an entire bucket dumped on his head but then you see your crew exchanging looks with each other and you know those Benedict Arnolds are up to no good.

3. Being seen by that one dope who’s actually pretty fun to hang around with most of the time but who you feel like pushing under a bus during Holi.

4. If there were water balloons during the Spanish Inquisition, they probably would have gotten their confessions a lot faster.

5. That one tiny moment when you let your guard down, maybe it was to tie your shoelace, maybe it was to look for your friend, but it turns out to be your biggest strategic blunder.

6. That moment when you look at the people around you, smile and think to yourself “Hey, these guys seem nice.” Only to be bombarded from heaven and hell and everywhere else.

7. When you step out of the house and see nobody but suddenly this happens.



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