5 Signs you are addicted to your Phone!

In this ‘World of Smartphones’ and the habit of staying connected with various apps, logout is the hardest button to click. Amidst this frenzy, the phone means the world to some. Here are 5 things a Mobile Addict does:

  1. Text while talking: Their fingers can’t stop texting, and they’re superb at multi-tasking. They can talk to you; hear all that you have to say and text at the same time.
  2. Instant Posts on Instagram: Every moment small or big is instantly shared on Instagram. They will happily have their cameras on to click and post with countless hash tags.
  3. Check-in: Wherever they go, they will excitedly post their location on Facebook, Swarm and more. After all, letting the social circle know about their whereabouts from time to time is important.
  4. Play games: The only thing they look forward to in their free time is picking that phone up and playing games. When they are bored; not your conversations but temple run, subway surfer or candy crush will be their saving grace.
  5. Tweeting away: If they ever manage to strike a face to face conversation with you, they tweet every little thing creating a virtual conversation.

If you can relate to any these, we are sure you are addicted to your phones too. While you create all this magic on your phone, why not pay bills on your phone too?

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5 Teachers we all have in life !

‘The best teachers teach from the heart and not from the book’

Teachers bring out the best in learners and have a strong influence on our lives. We love them, we respect them, we idolize them and we are incomplete without them. Teachers may not necessarily be the ones we meet in school only. There are a lot of teachers we meet in the journey of life, who are indispensable to us.

If you agree with this, you will definitely relate to the 5 teachers we are talking about:

1. Parents: Our parents teach us to take our first steps, to write our first letters, and mould us into good human beings. Parents are our first teachers and stay with us forever guiding us to the right path.

2. Teachers: From the first teacher in pre – school to the 10th grade teachers and the ones in college, they all have a special place in our heart. What they’ve taught us through the years of school and college is irreplaceable. They have taught us beyond books and left us with the essential life skills.

3. Friends: There’s a reason why they say ‘Choose your friends wisely’. They teach us so much in so many ways and remain oblivious of the impact they have. Those friends are real teachers who chide us when we are taking a wrong step and who give us unfiltered feedback about our actions and decisions.

4. Mentors: We all have that one person, who guides us personally and is our mentor. They teach us to look in the right direction and empower us to decide what to see. They are precious and are life changers. Mentors know us inside out and motivate us to do better.

5. Bosses: Our bosses unknowingly teach us a lot. They motivate us to push our limits and always get the better of us. Their feedbacks help us to come up with better versions of our ideas and creations. They teach us that the best is never enough, there’s always more to do.

Teachers have a lasting impression in our lives and our personalities. If you love them and are looking for a perfect way to express your gratitude to them, here is the chance!

This Teacher’s day,

  •  Take your teachers on a special meal in our partner restaurants and redeem 50% of your bill by paying with Quikwallet
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Still Hungry? Still Foolish?

They say ‘People who love to eat are always the best people’.  We say
‘People who love to eat are the forever hungry ones’. And these forever hungry ones imagine visiting a restaurant and ordering a variety of food so many times but always end up ordering half of it to suit the pocket. We understand this type of hunger the best.

WARNING: All you hungry peeps, these below situations may sound familiar to you:

1. Hanging out with Friends?
That moment when… Your friends order the most delicious main course from the menu whereas you starve yourself with some side dishes.

2. On a Date?
That moment when.. Your girlfriend wants you to order that yummy dessert to end the dinner on a sweet note and you have to say.. “Sorry, I don’t like sweet” & the girl goes like…

3. Family Dine Out?
That moment when.. You take your family out to a fine dining place and with every dish that comes in, all your plans of saving up for that new watch for yourself go for a toss.

4. Birthday Celebration?
That moment when.. You are barely enjoying your own birthday party and are engrossed keeping a track of who orders what.

5. That Day of the Month?
That moment when.. It’s the last day of the month & you have to postpone your dinner plans till your salary gets credited.

Have you been in at least one of these situations? Then it’s time you stop being hungry and foolish. The smartest way to kill your hunger while saving those extra bucks is here Quikwallet’.

Discover new restaurants & eating joints with Quikwallet’s list of location-based hangouts. Pay with Quikwallet and…
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– Get 10% cashback everytime
– Redeem credits earned from recharges/bill payments (Rs. 500 per day)

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Be Smart. Be Safe. Be Quik

Thick or Sleek, Cash less or full of Cash, Trendy or Simple, Filled with Cards or Empty; every wallet has a story to tell. We want yours to be Smart, Safe & Quik.

Presenting India’s one of a kind mobile wallet – Quikwallet. Now you can carry a wallet without having to carry one.

A) Discover QuikWallet

Quikwallet is the easiest way to make payments at restaurants, bars & cafes; recharge your phone, pay your mobile bills and make utility bill payments.

Once you make any payment with Quikwallet, your cards get saved securely on the phone for faster checkouts. You can make payments easily without having to re-enter card details every time you pay.

Secured by a VeriSignSSL Certificate and authenticated by VeriSign Authentication Services, all safety measures are taken to ensure that your details are safe.


B) How do I use Quikwallet?

Visit http://bit.ly/Quikwallet and install the app now.

Follow the below steps after app installation.


After entering your details and registering on the primary screen, you’re sent a verification code via sms. Enter this code and click on Verify.

2            3

Set a 4 digit pin which will be used for future login. It couldn’t get easier than this, right?

Here’s a #Quik guide as to what all can you use the app for:

  • Restaurant Bill Payments

Say goodbye to the waiting time for your bill to arrive after your delicious meal. Now you can pay with Quikwallet and get going. It’s fast, secure and convenient. So stop handing your credit card to a stranger, when all you can give is your mobile number.

Here’s how:

6     7     8     5

  • Other Services

QuikWallet can also be used for a number of retail services that include car services, general stores, salon, super market and more.
All you have to do is let the merchant know that you wish to make the payment via Quikwallet. The merchant will then send you an SMS which includes a link. By clicking on the link you will get an option to pay by debit / credit card. You don’t have to take a risk and handover your card to anyone else anymore. If you have the app, you receive the payment request as a notification in app.

  • Mobile Bills / Utility Payments

Smartphones are all about making lives easier. And Quikwallet is all about helping you manage your day-to-day life tasks better. Mobile Bill Payments, DTH payments & Data card payments are just a click away.

All you have to do is login to Quikwallet and:

12     9     10     11

C) What’s in it for me?

Here’s why using Quikwallet will make your life Quik & Easy.

Experience Hassle-Free Payments
With Quikwallet, offers and credits are applied on its own to make the payment hassle free. You don’t have to hunt for the promo code which is the case otherwise

More than Phone payments
Receive loyalty offers from the restaurants/retail services that you visit often and find other exciting deals from Quikwallet partners.

Declutter, its easy
Carry less in your pocket and reduce your pile of bills. You can easily track them on Quikwallet.

Quikwallet is PCI and DSS compliant making it 100% safe and secure. Quikwallet accepts payments through Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Net Banking.

Quikwallet is proud to be associated with HDFC’s PayZapp as their dining partner.

If you thought that was awesome, we have something else for you too.

D ) Current Offers on Quikwallet:

  • Get 100% cashback

    Whatever we do, we believe in giving 100%. We therefore have an 100% cashback on all the utility transactions. You can redeem upto 50% of the restaurant bill amount with your QuikWallet credits earned while making payments.

  • Get 10% off

    No, we just don’t stop at the 100% cashback. Get 10% off on your first utility transaction (Upto Rs.25) with Quikwallet.

  • Get Rs.100 off

    We strongly believe that every first time deserves a reward. You can therefore avail Rs.100 off on your first restaurant bill payment with Quikwallet. (valid till 20th September, 2015)

  • Get 10% cashback

    Yes, you get a 10% cashback everytime you make your restaurant bill payment with Quikwallet too.

Download / Refer / Earn

Download Quikwallet and earn credits worth Rs.50.
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There are countless ways to waste your precious time in life, but only few to save it. So make us a part of your life to Be Smart, Safe & Quik. We are sure you will find a best friend in us who helps you save. It’s hard to say no to something as amazing as this, right? So visit http://bit.ly/Quikwallet and download Quikwallet now.

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